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More Than Existing™

self-actualization coaching program

More Than Existing™ is a self actualization live online 6 month coaching program designed to help you see and believe in yourself, by learning to make you a priority, and to truly understand that you matter! Complete all 4 levels of the coaching program to receive a teaching certificate as a More Than Existing™ Light Worker Coach.

The first level: Healing the Healer (A Journey From Shadow Self To True Self) Creates powerful, confident healers, coaches, mothers, and women.

When we discover our worth our world flows into a life of More Than Existing™

  • Discover the importance of taking responsibility for you.
  • Get clear and focused on your, “Whys?”
  • Rewrite your life story.
  • Remove the shadows of the past and heal old wounds.
  • Discover the gifts within you and trust your intuition.
  • Work through the mind, body & soul connection.
  • Step out of the shadows and into a life of More Than Existing™ . . .

This opportunity is an investment into you. It will totally be up to you to show up, trust, and have faith in your own ability to shine and grow. But trust me when I say, I Got You!

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​​​​​​​Full program cost $2444.20

Multiple payment options are available.

​​​​​​​New Level 1 class

coming this Fall 2021!