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Are You Ready to "More Than Exist?"


"Finding my way to my True Self, to the Spiritual Healer, Businesswoman, and living in my Goddess Energy, has been about making a choice to live a life of "More Than Existing." Now, finally after countless times of saying, "no, I'm not ready yet", I've realized I've never been more ready to mentor others into becoming their True Self, too!"



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Corrie Thorne

I have lived upon this earth for 48 years and I can honestly say that 90 percent of people are truly not grasping the concept of “just be yourself”. Instead, we spend a lifetime, and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find the "perfect look" - the "perfect fit", as we try to be what society expects us to be. In the past, I too put my future in the hands of others and I felt disappointed with the return on my investment. I learned however it was all because I did not value myself enough.  

If I didn't see the value in myself how could I expect others to see my value?

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I am not going to lie, it has been a journey and there were many times I wished I had someone to coach me, especially at the beginning of my spiritual awakening. I found that as I was growing spiritually, the shadow of fear, doubt, and old beliefs continued to get in the way. And yes, I had some great teachers but I needed a mentor!

That's where I come in!

If you would like more information on my 6-Month Online More Than Existing Coaching Program pop your name and email in below. Lets connect, talk about your needs and see if its a right fit for both of us!

This opportunity is an investment into you; it will totally be up to you to show up, trust, and have faith in your own abilities to shine and grow. But trust me when I say, I Got You!

Lessons Focusing On:


Identity & Values
Habits, Beliefs & Behaviours

Becoming Fearless
Intuition & Instincts
Truth, Trust & Integrity
Past Life Healing
Spiritual Contracts​​​​​​​
Wealth & Worthiness
Structuring Walls
The Master Builder
Topping It Off
Who Sits At Your Table?
Everything is Love
Landscaping The Exterior
Forecasting & Projections
Look Out World!

  • Discover the importance of taking responsibility for you.
  • Get clear and focused on your, “Whys?”
  • Rewrite your life story.
  • Remove the shadows of the past and heal old wounds.
  • Discover the gifts within you and trust your intuition.
  • Work through the mind, body & soul connection.
  • Step out of the shadows and into a life of More Than Existing . . .​​​​​​​