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Hi, I’m Corrie Thorne.

I am a Intuitive Guide, Certified Medium, Spiritual Healer/Teacher, and Professional Certified Life Coach. I have a calling that took me years to accept but eventually grew to love and cherish. I have a passion to create and a desire to teach and share the knowledge and wisdom I have gained over the years. I am the CEO of, creator of the More Than Existing Coaching Program, Keynote Speaker,  & Author. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to see your next steps, and that’s what I do… help to guide you through your personal healing journey and path. My desire to connect and ignite the fire in the hearts of those who can’t see the light within themselves has become my absolute passion and really, my duty. ​​​​​​​I have developed a connection with my channel that has opened up a style of healing which enables me to connect my clients to the past, to their loved ones in the spirit world, and provides them with the tools needed to awaken the true essence of their beauty within. 


​​​​​​​After spending over 30 years in the hair and aesthetics industry and a business owner, I discovered that the real service behind the chair, was the healing that I would see as the magic of creation and conversation unfolded. We are here to be a reflection of love and compassion and to live a life of More Than Existing. I am here to help guide you to a life were you will more than just exist!


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Corrie uses a combination of all her training obtained over the years, infused with her own intuitive abilities to guide and support you through your spiritual journey.

She allows space for the channeled messages from the spirit world to come in and assist in the healing that is taking place. 


Corrie provides a safe space of working in the light and asking the right questions to give her clients the opportunity to speak the truth of their story.

Using her experience, extensive training, and natural abilities, she will assist you in seeing the endless possibilities of walking into your light. 

"I took the More Than Existing coaching program and have recently finished Level 2. I can honestly say my life, and my love of self has greatly improved since. I am a stronger women because of Corrie Thorne’s wisdom and guidance. She helped me see the best in myself when I thought I was never good enough. Her presence in my life has been a blessing along with all the other ladies I took the coaching program with. "

- Monica K  

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If you've been wanting and hoping for something different in your life but don't know where to start, this is it. The more than existing program helps you to identify that need for change and gives you a community to support you with such things as recognizing your dreams / goals. healing traumas and fears. It teaches you about business, finances, how to create a business plan and helps you to achieve what you want and so much more. Anything that you need this program offers! Take a leap of faith, sign up and watch your life change for the better!

- Linsey B

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"More Than Existing with Corrie Thorne has been a guided experience, with a coach and friend who walks beside me, demonstrating how she is healing herself. Corrie talks us through the questions, exercises and meditations that she has found valuable for herself... a term I call ‘assertive compassion in action’ for self and others. I am forever grateful that I had this opportunity, and look forward to continuing as I enter Level 3."

-Linda G

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More Than Existing? Who knew I was so out of touch with my life and just getting by day by day. Until my life was touched by an Angel who made me realize that there is more to life!! There was passion, purpose and a person inside of me just dying to do more than just exist! I found Me and I am forever grateful to have found this amazing life altering course!!

- Sonja F 

Starting at...

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching

$220 CAD

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Intuitive Guidance Reading

$180 CAD

1 hour session (click below for more pricing)

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Distance Healing


Starting at...

$220 CAD

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One-on-One Sessions 


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Need more information before you get started? Send us an email. We will usually get back within 48 hours. 



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Imagine having a direct connection to your Spirit Guides! ​​​​​​​

Corrie Thorne, A keynote speaker, mystic and channel, certified psychic medium, oracle card reader, empowerment life coach, Reiki master and teacher, and spiritual and past life healer has created a profound and simple process to help you meet your Spirit Guides. Pop in your email and name to get access.

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Corrie has been creating and teaching workshops for healing, awakening, spiritual connection, mediumship development, empowerment, transformation and goddess discovery for many years.

These events are offered in-person as well as online. Interested in attending one of her workshops, events, or retreats?

Do you want Corrie to come to your location for a workshop, or to speak and do individual or group readings and coaching? Email and book today!

Looking for a keynote speaker with a desire and a passion Corrie is available, email for contract pricing. 


More Than Existing is a self actualization coaching program designed to help you see and believe in yourself, by learning to make you a priority, and to truly understand that you Matter! Complete all 4 levels of the coaching program to receive a teaching certificate as a More Than Existing Level 1 Coach.


The first level: Healing the Healer, creates powerful, confident healers, coaches, mothers, and women.


When we discover our worth our world flows into a life of More Than Existing

  • Discover the importance of taking responsibility for you.
  • Get clear and focused on your, “Whys?”
  • Rewrite your life story.
  • Remove the shadows of the past and heal old wounds.
  • Discover the gifts within you and trust your intuition.
  • Work through the mind, body & soul connection.
  • Step out of the shadows and into a life of More Than Existing . . .

This opportunity is an investment into you; it will totally be up to you to show up, trust, and have faith in your own abilities to shine and grow. But trust me when I say, I Got You!

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More Than Existing


Level 1 Enrolment is now open!

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The Journey From Shadow Self To True Self

Join Corrie as she shares her love of teaching, her knowledge and experience in spiritual development and living a life of More Than Existing. 

Corrie Thorne's School of Magic 

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Introduction to Angels and Tarot

This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding into the true essence of using Tarot cards and their original intention to be used as a connection to the Divine. Learn to recognize the angels within the cards, their guidance, messages to support yourself and those you may read for.Enroll Now
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Healing The Inner Child

In this course we will explore, accept and love who you are today, and create a space within you to allow you to be aware and acknowledge the great work you have already accomplished. To know you have already created a foundation which can be strengthened through adding new light to the cracks, allowing healing to progress from here.Enroll Now
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Healing The Healer

As a Healer, there is a deep calling to assist others through helping to shape the world, both for this generation and those to come. Healing The Healer recognizes that the work begins from the inside out; It starts with you. Are you ready to walk the Healer's journey?Enroll Now
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More Than Existing - Level 1

More Than Existing™ is a self actualization live online 6 month coaching program designed to help you see and believe in yourself, by learning to make you a priority, and to truly understand that you Matter! Complete all 4 levels of the coaching program to receive a teaching certificate as a More Than Existing Level 1 Coach.Enroll Now
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Healing Through The Chakras

Are you interested in learning about the chakra system? Join Corrie, as she takes you through the 7 main chakras with easy to follow information sheets, video lectures, and guided meditations. Each chakra has their own vibrational frequency, color, and functions. Learn the main attributes of each chakra, understand its purpose, recognize when your chakra is in a healthy state or when it may need attention, and more. Enroll Now
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Connecting With Angels

Angels walk among us! Get to know these beautiful Celestial Beings in this Free introductory course designed to help you recognize their presence, learn to call on them for guidance, and understand the beautiful gifts each can bestow upon you when you open your heart to allow them in. Enroll Now
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Goddess Healing Circle

This is a time of expansion and growth within.  You my friend are worthy of seeing, exploring and living in the light and love the universe has provided! You are one of us, you are a goddess and you are now invited to join the circle of all the goddesses and those who have walked before us!Enroll Now

Corrie Thorne is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, Mystic, and Empowerment Leader.

She can be defined by many titles, and holds countless certificates, but is best described by those closest to her as simply human. 

She is just like you and I, living life to the best of her ability, facing obstacles, overcoming challenges, and having to rise above life experiences that have brought her to her knees time and time again, along her Spiritual journey. These experiences have provided the necessary strength to fully emerge from the shadows and step into her true self. 

Corrie is relatable, because she has been there and experienced first hand the very essence behind her teachings.

She has walked many miles as her shadow self, facing hardship, pain, judgement, loss and suffering, but through it all she has remained fiercely devoted to her faith and forged a path forward to create a life that is More Than Existing™. 

Corrie teaches from a place of compassion, understanding, and empowerment, as she embodies a willingness to fully remove any masks and openly teach from a place of personal life experience. 

She is a living, breathing, example of fully stepping into your light, a light that can be found within each and everyone of us.

Join Corrie as she shares her love of teaching, her knowledge and experience in spiritual development and living a life of More Than Existing™.

Scroll down for a list of courses currently available.

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Introduction to More Than Existing

FREE 3 part video series. Enroll Now
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Mediumship 101 Certification

Join Corrie Thorne as she guides you along your Spiritual path helping you push past your shadows and jump into the world of Spiritual connections and Mediumship.Enroll Now