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Let Corrie take you through this guided meditation to learn to ask the right questions and connect with your Spirit guides

Corrie uses a combination of all her training obtained over the years, infused with her own intuitive abilities to guide and support you through your spiritual journey.

She allows space for the channelled messages from the spirit world to come in and assist in the healing that is taking place.


Corrie provides a safe space of working in the light and asking the right questions to give her clients the opportunity to speak the truth of their story.

Using her experience, extensive training, and natural abilities, she will assist you in seeing the endless possibilities of walking into your light.​​​​​​​

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Healing Through The Chakras

Join Corrie, as she takes you through the 7 main chakras with easy to follow information sheets, video lectures, and guided meditations.Enroll Now

Goddess Healing Circle

This is a time of expansion and growth within. You my friend are worthy of seeing, exploring and living in the light and love the universe has provided!Enroll Now

Connecting With Angels

Angels walk among us! Get to know these beautiful Celestial Beings in this Free introductory course designed to help you recognize their presence, learn to call on them for guidance, and understand the beautiful gifts each can bestow upon you when you open your heart to allow them in. Enroll Now

Corrie loves to teach and share her knowledge with others.


for making yourself a priority and investing in your healing journey

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Corrie's School of Magic

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Introduction to More Than Existing

"Finding my way to my True Self, to the Spiritual Healer, Businesswoman, and living in my Goddess Energy, has been about making a choice to live a life of "More Than Existing." Now, finally after countless times of saying, "no, I'm not ready yet", I've realized I've never been more ready to mentor others into becoming their True Self, too!"Enroll Now