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Corrie uses a combination of all her training obtained over the years infused with her own intuitive abilities to guide and support you through your spiritual journey. She allows space for the channelled messages from the spirit world to come in and assist in the healing that is taking place. 


Corrie provides a safe space of working in the light and asking the right questions to give her clients the opportunity to speak the truth of their story. Using her experience, extensive training, and natural abilities, she will assist you in seeing the endless possibilities of walking into your light. ​​​​​​​

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Intuitive Empowement Coaching

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60 minutes - $220.00 CAD

3 sessions over 1 month

 $600.00 CAD

6 sessions over 3 months

 $1000.00 CAD

 Guiding you from a positive and intuitive place, Corrie will help you bring forth your best and healthiest Self. She brings awareness to the areas within you that are unsupported in the most loving ways, to help heal them so that you can live your best life possible. Using empowerment coaching tools paired with her intuitive and energy healing abilities, Corrie holds the sacred space for you to open up to the world of self-discovery so that you can transform and become your most empowered Self. 

Psychic Mediumship Reading

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30 minute session​​​​​​​ - $90.00 CAD 

60 minute session  - $180.00 C​​​​​​​AD

90 minute session - $220.00 CAD


 An in-depth look at the past, present, and future. Corrie will invite in your loved ones from the spirit world to help guide, heal, and pass on loving messages. Using a combination of Corrie’s natural gifts and trained gifts as a healer, as well as her connection to divination with her oracle cards, and her psychic abilities to tap in, and call upon Spirit, Corrie will help you heal.

Distance Healing Sessions

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90 minutes

(45 healing & 45 intuitive guidance) -$220.00 CAD

 Starting with a meditation, Corrie taps into your energy to connect and infuse your body, mind, and soul with pure love, promoting healing, to unblock and release your old stories and resentments that are keeping you from living in the light of your true self. With meditation, coaching, channeling, and a smudging, Corrie will help you awaken to see life with real clarity. 



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More Than Existing


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of upcoming classes!

Group + One-on-One Sessions 

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Corrie has been creating and teaching workshops for healing, awakening, spiritual connection, mediumship development, empowerment, transformation and goddess discovery for many years. These events are offered in-person as well as online.

Interested in attending one of her workshops, events, or retreats? 

Do you want Corrie to come to your location for a workshop, or to speak and do individual or group readings and coaching?

​​​​​​​Email us for more details!

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Corrie Thorne's School of Magic

Join Corrie as she shares her love of teaching, her knowledge and experience in spiritual development and living a life of More Than Existing.

Dive in and discover the stories,

the connections in the spirit realms

We will discuss, view and gain clarity around the messengers among us and

the angels on earth.

Guided meditations during each week will help guide you to building the relationship and connections to the angels, guides and guardian angels of the spiritual world.

Become familiar and comfortable with the names and the purpose of the angels.

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Upcoming Events and Courses

This is a time of expansion and growth within. You my friend are worthy of seeing, exploring and living in the light and love the universe has provided! You are one of us, you are a goddess and you are now invited to join the circle of all the goddesses and those who have walked before us! You are being invited to not just live but to awaken. 

Angel Connection Online Workshop - April 8th 

7 Week Course

Angels walk among us! Get to know these beautiful Celestial Beings in this Free introductory course designed to help you recognize their presence, learn to call on them for guidance, and understand the beautiful gifts each can bestow upon you when you open your heart to allow them in. 

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Mediumship 101 Certification

Join Corrie Thorne as she guides you along your Spiritual path helping you push past your shadows and jump into the world of Spiritual connections and Mediumship. Learn to trust your intuition and instincts, connect to Angels and Guides in the Spirit World, understand the Clairs and characteristics of each, and gain invaluable tools and techniques to assist in unblocking and using your gifts.